Massages At The Allanté Day Spa

Our services are the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

The balm of natural, pure beauty products, pampering by caring professionals, and relaxation in elegant surroundings… These are the Allanté elements that combine to transform you, body and soul. So come and discover your optimal beauty-naturally through body massage.

Rest assured the spa employs professional licensed massage therapists. The entire Allanté spa design team puts in many hours of continuing education hours to stay up to date with the most recent techniques in accordance with national boards.

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More information about our spa treatments:


Swedish Body Massage

This body massage is a classic European technique designed to release tension and rejuvenate the entire body. Experience the benefits of a Swedish Massage, including increased energy, less stress, and a sense of well being. Pamper yourself with a 30 minute neck, shoulder, and upper back massage or indulge in a 60 minute all over body massage. For the ultimate in relaxation try the 90 full body therapeutic massage.


Deep Tissue Massage – Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is a pain-relief technique that alleviates muscle spasms and cramping while concentrating on problem areas to help you relieve stress and tension. “Trigger points” are tender areas in which muscles have been damaged or have acquired a recurring spasm that are painful when activated. The massage therapist locates and deactivates the trigger points with pressure. Those who experience chronic muscle tension and associated pain are likely to benefit greatly from Trigger Point Therapy.


Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Stone Therapy is combined with traditional Swedish Massage to dissolve tension and increase relaxation. It incorporates the use of hot stones on various points of the body to knead deep into muscles.


Aroma Stone Therapy

This healing and spiritually grounding form of thermotherapy combines deep-penetrating heated basalt stones with nourishing holistic oils for a unique organic massage experience.


Couples Massage

Pamper yourself and a loved one with our Couples Massage. The Couples Massage features our Swedish Massage.


Pregnancy Massage

A light massage that soothes the common aches and pains of pregnancy by increasing circulation in the most affected areas such as feet, legs, hips, and back. Also improves comfort by reducing general water retention and swelling. Expectant mothers can still enjoy all of the benefits of massage.



Reflexology uses the manipulation of parts of the feet and hands that have direct effects on corresponding parts of the body. Reflexology is based on the belief that there are places within the feet and hands that correspond to internal organs and joints. Reflexology works by the way of neuron-reflex points found within the hands and feet.


Sports Massage

Customized to your specific needs, this treatment is designed to alleviate chronic tension and loosen tight muscle groups. It is considered an essential for the road warrior or dedicated athlete. The axis of all athletic movement is formed by twelve principle body postures. Various sports tend to strain the muscles at certain points. Sports Massage is a blend of Swedish Massage and Shiatsu that will help heal strained muscles and allow healthy muscles to reach their peak action with less risk of injury.


Aromatherapy Massage

As one of the oldest remedies for relief, aromatherapy massage uses essential oils applied to the skin. Aromatherapy massage is used for re-energizing, calming, relaxing, and the relieving sore muscles. Experience the delights of aromatherapy massage…a perfect treatment for those who experience stress and tension.