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Pampering for the Hands & Feet

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Classic Manicure

Our Classic Manicure is more than just a manicure. It includes cuticle clipping, pushing, perfecting, and polishing. Allow 30 minutes.

French Manicure

Our Classic Manicure plus the white French tips will add a touch of elegance to your nails. Allow 30 minutes.

Shellac Manicure

No Chip Nails that last up to 2 weeks – our most popular service! Allow 30 minutes.

Spa Manicure

This luxurious hand treatment is the ultimate in relaxation and restoration of moisture to dry hands. Allow 45 minutes.

Corporate Manicure

A manicure just for him. Allow 30 minutes.

Nail Extensions

Nail tips with acrylic overlay, Sculpted nails, Nail Wrap – Silk or Fiberglass over natural nail or tip. Allow 60 minutes.

Allanté Pedicure

Our pedicure includes cuticle clipping, pushing, polishing, and perfecting. Allow 30 minutes.

Allanté Spa Pedicure

This extra-special pedicure includes cuticle clipping, pushing, polishing and perfecting, callus removal, Dermalogica detoxifying seaweed wrap and mask, and foot and leg massage. Allow 60 minutes.

Shellac Pedicure

Have perfect toesies for up to 2 weeks with no chips and great shine! Our most popular product! Allow 60 minutes.

Corporate Pedicure

A pedicure just for him. Allow 30 minutes.